EYE LOG (July 2020)


Share your vehicle data with the major logistics platforms for complete supply chain management. The EYE LOG service allows you to export all the information present on the REYESOL platform to the management systems of the major logistics platforms, adapting to the needs of their vehicle management systems. The service is fully customized based on the needs of the carrier and the logistics platform and therefore allows you to directly interface the carrier's management system and that of the logistics platform without having to make any changes to your systems.

INDUSTRY 4.0 (January 2021)

Our telematic system is ready to allow you, once installed, to remotely control all the relevant parameters of your fleet, interconnecting and integrating with your company systems. This functionality is important in order to access the benefits provided by the new Industry 4.0 regulation.

CARBON TAX (June 2020)

Carbon Tax Service: the new Carbon Tax service allows the extraction of a quarterly report which indicates, for each vehicle, the hours of use of the refrigeration unit in the previous quarter and the consumption of diesel, estimated based on the hours of operation of the refrigeration unit. The report allows the collection of the data necessary for the presentation to the Customs Agency of the documentation required for the recovery of excise duties on the fuel used by the refrigeration unit.

Refund of excise duties Carbon Tax for special vehicles: section dedicated to special vehicles, i.e. trailers and semi-trailers for special transports that mount permanent equipment driven by diesel engines and with autonomous tanks (which must appear on the registration certificate or by suitable documentation). These vehicles have specific modes for measuring consumption. Instead of the kilometers traveled, it is necessary to write the operating hours of the equipment on the basis of the system counter.

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